Analog form interface

1. Report choices

See the analog home page for the meanings of the various reports.

Select Log to Analyze

Which reports do you want to see?

[On] [Off] General Summary
[On] [Off] Monthly Report
[On] [Off] Weekly Report
[On] [Off] Daily Summary
[On] [Off] Daily Report
[On] [Off] Hourly Summary
[On] [Off] Domain Report
[On] [Off] Organisation Report
[On] [Off] Directory Report
[On] [Off] File Type Report
[On] [Off] Request Report
[On] [Off] File Size Report
[On] [Off] Referrer Report
[On] [Off] Search Query Report
[On] [Off] Search Word Report
[On] [Off] Browser Summary
[On] [Off] Operating System Report
[On] [Off] Status Code Report

You can now run the program:
Or you can fill in the options below for individual reports. You can use bytes to mean 10 Megabytes; also to mean the 50 items with the most bytes.

2. Detailed report options

Domain Report options

Sort the Domain Report
Include all domains with at least

Organisation Report options

Sort the Organisation Report
Include all organisations with at least

Directory Report options

Sort the Directory Report
Include all directories with at least

Request Report options

Sort the Request Report
Include all files with at least

Referrer Report options

Sort the Referrer Report
Include all referrers with at least

3. Analysing only part of the logfile

Only certain dates
You can analyse only the requests from certain dates. Enter the range of dates below in the from yymmdd; e.g., 980301 for 1st March 1998 (or fill in just one box to limit the range of dates on just one side).
From to

Only certain files
Only look at the following files (list, separated by commas; can contain wild character *)

Ignore the following files

4. Layout

Your organisation's name (for the title of the page)

Your organisation's home page